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A.C. Acoustics - Understanding Music

A.C. Acoustics - Understanding Music

Model: CD
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LABEL: Cooking Vinyl

01. Luke One
02. Chinese Summer
03. Crush
04. Ridley Rider
05. She Kills For Kicks
06. Dry Salvage
07. Knot Of Knots
08. Supercup
09. B2
10. Arcane Action Man
11. Flies
12. Parrot Pine
13. Waiter Strains

AC Acoustics' third album is very much a return to the guitar thunderstorm created by the much-missed Kitchens Of Distinction. Like that group, AC Acoustics generally play their instruments very loud, but submerged beneath the wall of sound, genuine layers of melody are slowly revealed. That's not to say 'Understanding Music' is derivate and one-dimensional though; opener 'Luke One' and 'Arcane Action Man' are deliciously melodic yet fairly light in terms of production. Understanding Music appears as a bold plea to music: people, go beyond the cheap tendencies of money-pop and return to rock music as an art form with feeling. Every song stands alone as powerful, and every lyrics asks for a passionate response. The listener is lead on a musical journey that is difficult to parallel. Combining soft instrumentals with powerful, intimate songwriting, A.C. Acoustic's Understanding Music is rock music defined as ART, and succeeds brilliantly.


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