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Arid - At The Close Of Every Day

Arid - At The Close Of Every Day

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: CK 63625
LABEL: Columbia

01. At The Close Of Every Day
02. Too Late Tonight
03. All Will Wait
04. Little Things Of Venom
05. Believer
06. Dearly Departed
07. Me And My Melody
08. World Weary Eyes
09. Life
10. Elegy
11. Soiree

Arid is a band from Europe with driving melodys and beautifull vocals, their music is dynamic and works up quite a sweat. Singer Jasper's voice is enchanting, echoing the brilliance of Jeff Buckley. The group as a whole develops compelling repeated musical figures on which the basic rock instrumentation is often augmented by a string quartet or other instruments. That is not to say the songs are without merit. Arid seem to thrive on creating sonic dreamscapes rather than extremely hooky pop songs. Most of the lyrics tend toward the overly dramatic - there are references to bearing the weight of the world and wearing a crown of thorns as well as song titles like "Elegy" and "World Weary Eyes." But what the hack, Steverlinck's voice needs dramatic material, and Du Pré's solid guitar work is the perfect anchor for him. In their bio, guitarist Du Pré lists Billy Corgan as an influence, which comes as no surprise considering the guitar lick on "Dearly Departed" seems to be lifted directly from the Pumpkins' "Today," albeit sped up. If you meet the system requirements of having two ears that work and a minimum of good musical taste, you won't regret it a minute. A must have ...


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