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Confuse The Cat - We Can Do It

Confuse The Cat - We Can Do It

Model: CD
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CD: ZCD015

01. Shockwaves
02. We Can Do It
03. Principessa
04. Akela
05. Expert
06. Senkrecht Waagerecht
07. Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong
08. The Deepest Blue
09. We Can Break It
10. Akela (Styrofoam remix)

Now that post-punk new wave is in about its fourth iteration, the current set (Editors, Interpol, the Stills, and Film School have been looking to 1979-1983 for its primary influences (Comsat Angels, the Sound, the Chameleons, Echo and the Bunnymen, Cactus World News, Easterhouse, etc.). Fans of these bands should also check out some of the originals and see how great the stuff they were doing 20-25 years ago sounds! And we "old schoolers" are happy to see new groups like Confuse The Cat keeping the torch burning. Confuse The Cat is a band with impressively eclectic influences, a grandiose collective musical history, and a healthy bout of critical acclaim. Their new album kicks off with the song "Shockwaves" which has a raw sound and lyrics that give the impression they are intent on sticking around awhile. There are a few elements that might make this album worthy of addiction, including anthem-like songs such as "Akela" "Senkrecht Waagerecht " and "The Deepest Blue". Comparisons to a few other not so obvious 80's Post-Punk artists such as The Chameleons, Lowlife, and The Comsat Angels abound. Regardless these songs all have that ethereal dreamlike quality that made those artists so timeless. The guitar hooks are infectious, more British than American in style at times. This album is highly recommended to anyone who likes this general genre of music.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Chameleons, Interpol, The Convent, The Search


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