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Dragons - Here Are The Roses

Dragons - Here Are The Roses

Model: CD
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01. Here Are The Roses
02. Condition
03. Treasure
04. Obedience
05. Trust
06. Epiphany
07. Lonely Tonight
08. Remembrance
09. Where Is The Love?
10. Forever

Brand new to the scene and basking in their recent single release "Here Are The Roses", Dragons are a band brimming with confidence and determination, combining electronic influenced sounds, addictive melodies and supremely strong vocals. Imagine if the Editors had never discovered Joy Division and instead went with a rather more electro charged New Order type indie rock. You would then get somewhere close to the sound of Dragons. Formed from the ashes of David Francolini's previous bands Levitation and Dark Star, Dragons come out of the shadows at you with a swagger and some eyeliner. Dark and foreboding, the single "Here Are The Roses" introduces the album, with a rolling bassline a'la Peter Hook and vocals that emerge in homage to Ian Curtis, rolling into something a little lighter and altogether more inspired. The track "Condition", the second single from the album, sounds like Joy Division but the other tracks showcase that Dragons also have a distinct sound to call their own and are certainly unconnected from any of their contemporary peers.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Sound, Editors, Interpol


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