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Dream Academy - Dream Academy

Dream Academy - Dream Academy

Model: CD
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CD: 7599-25265-2
LABEL: Warner

01. Life in a Northern Town
02. The Edge of Forever
03. Jonnny New Light
04. In Places on the Run
05. This World
06. Bound to Be
07. Moving On
08. The Love Parade
09. The Party
10. One Dream

Perhaps their rich melodic style and soft yet piercing rhythms make for the perfect name they have. Combining R&B, pop and smoky acoustics with a dollop of soft thumps, The Dream Academy were a Brit group that made a popularity during an excessive decade. They stayed briefly, but left a spirit that reminded musicionados what distinctive music really is like. In fact we slowly realize their songs are alternative tunes to the dominant 'gloomsayers' over the airwaves of the 'New Wave' 80s. And what with today's youth who are either impetuous yuppie wannabes, spaced out in 90s electrophonic visuals of MTV invasion, and speak in predictable sometimes putrid Millennial liberalism, The Dream Academy arguably gives songwriting an honesty tinged with tongue-in-cheek psychedelic vibes. Their personal artistic voyage is articulated into lyrics as much as our personal experiences of years past relate to the songs.


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