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Engineers - Engineers [bonus tracks]

Engineers - Engineers [bonus tracks]

Model: CD
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01. Home
02. Waved On
03. New Horizons
04. Forgiveness
05. Let�s Just See
06. Come In Out Of The Rain
07. Peter Street
08. Said And Done
09. Thrasher
10. How Do You Say Goodbye?
11. One In Seven

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the best-constructed rock albums of the season comes from an outfit called The Engineers. Respecting a craft honed by Talk Talk and Slowdive, this London-based quartet doesn't break new ground on its self-titled debut, yet remodels the dream-pop formula to near perfection. The blueprint clearly lifts sounds from fellow nu-gazers like Elbow or Doves, but unlike these contemporaries, there's a tremendous consistency in the Engineers between glistening pop like "Come in Out of the Rain" and complex rock operas like "New Horizons." Simon Phipps has a voice almost too hypnotic for its own good, with songs like "Home" and "Forgiveness" so rich in soul that it would be compelling to hear them with female accompaniment. All dream pop needs a musical bed, and Phipps & Co. weave meticulous arrangements so dense that Spiritualized can continue its siesta. Engineers exists in a confused, semi-industrial wasteland where mist merges with smoke from factory stacks, where blackened buildings are bordered by canals, where empty warehouses stand close by like the disorienting walls of a charcoal maze. Which is to say that you could get lost there, but you probably wouldn't mind. Epics like "Said and Done" will shock any rock fan to discover this band is little more than 2 years old. Nevertheless, it's likely audiences will talk about Engineers for years to come.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Slowdive, Talk Talk, The Verve, Spiritualized, Doves


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