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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Lanterna - Highways

Lanterna - Highways
Model: CD
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CD: BRCD-963
LABEL: Badman Records

01. Clear Blue
02. Brightness
03. Last Practice
04. Canyons
05. Seasons
06. Brooklyn
07. Adriatic
08. Half-Light
09. Highways

Lanterna is primarily the solo project of prolific guitarist Henry Frayne, assisted by Eric Gebow (drums) and Mike Broscow (tape effects). His previous releases Elm Street (2001) and Sands (2002) were passionately supported by NPR and received 4 star reviews worldwide. Henry Frayne has played with the Moon Seven Times and Area, both projects achieving a devoted underground following. Lanterna's first album was initially released on Parasol Records as a limited edition cassette. Further interest led to Rykodisc issuing an album with a special photo-book in 1998 to glowing reviews and a swelling cult audience. Lanterna's new album, Highways, leads the listener on a journey through spaces that feel like a drive up and down winding roads, through mountain canyons and past scenery of beauty and enchantment. There is light and darkness on this journey and plenty of room for self-realization and tranquility. The passion to record a wide range of ambient space with the sounds provided by a trusty guitar and a delay pedal seem to journey much further than the individual components normally allow. In any case, it is always intended to serve as a soundtrack to whatever movie your mind might conjure. Frayne's guitar is like a magic lantern, lighting the path down instrumental vistas of ambient guitar and rhythms. Dark and lonely, this moves between the the tranquil and phantasmagoric and is the ideal sountrack for a road movie in slow motion.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Moon Seven Times, Dif Juz, Scenic, Sad Lovers & Giants, Not Drowning, Waving


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