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Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams

Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams

Model: CD
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CD: RXCD8004

01. Emancipation
02. Between Us & Them
03. Available
04. Going For Adds
05. Unpersuaded
06. Anyone
07. Scars
08. Submission
09. Birds Of Prey
10. Bricks & Mortar
11. Killer/Lover
12. Turn Away

Choppy, relentless beats, pogo a-go-go post-punk guitar shreds and throbbing bass overlay propel the Moving Units into something like stardom, a Gang of Four strut that not many could revamp, at least not with this kind of propulsive energy. Dangerous Dreams is the band's full-length debut, but Moving Units has been thrilling sweaty crowds for nearly two years now. Born and bred in Los Angeles, the Moving Units were immediate local faves, a three-piece that can roar with both wall of sound intensity and a taut new wave precision. Driven ahead by rigid, unremitting drums, they make music that's frenetic, feverish and undeniable. And Dangerous Dreams manages to capture that thrilling, manic thrust. Tracks like "Submission" and "Going For Adds" are stubborn and insistent, and there’s no listening without a tap of the toe. Taking their cue from the Brit bands that lurked in the space between punk and new wave, Moving Units also boast a dash of that retro garage-y rock of recent Brooklyn acts. The Moving Units are never too self serious, preferring to keep it fun. If you want to dance while you rock, then this is the band for you. Dangerous Dreams offers a crisp balance between exuberance and anger, between happy go-lucky pop bounce and clenched teeth punk fury. Give it a spin, the best of both worlds is waiting.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Radio 4, Gang Of Four, Mighty Wah, New Order


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