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The Passage - Seedy [best of]

The Passage - Seedy [best of]

Model: CD
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LABEL: Cherry Red

01. Xoyo
02. Carnaval
03. Sharp Tongue
04. Devils & Angels
05. Horseplay
06. Man Of War
07. Armour
08. Fear
09. A Good & Useful Life
10. Drugface
11. Love Is As
12. Angleland
13. A Certain Way To Go
14. Time Will Tell
15. 2711
16. Wave
17. Taboos

The Passage were a pioneering band for the way they combined electronics with rock instruments and many of today's artists have spoken of their admiration for its originality. The opening of the Passage's song 'Drugface' has been sampled by Moby and many other dancefloor DJs around the world. They arrived in Manchester around 1978, offering 4 brilliant, but more or less forgotten albums, a couple of hard to find singles and EPs, and disappeared quietly in 1984. Their biggest moment (speaking in terms of commercial success) was the "XOYO"-Single (released on Cherry Red Records in 1982), which also lightened up the famous "Pillows and Prayers"-compilation. Obviously influenced by modern classic music and composition, Dick Witts and his bandmates built up a kind of open minded pop-mathics that ignores the needs of your heart completely. Their unique mix of uneasy atmospheric, dark and chilling electronics, strange drum sounds and dance rhythms, soft and lace vocal treatments was one most unusual efforts to take the spirit of new wave on higher, intellectual grounds. There were only a few to follow this path, but for those who have ears the band' s music remains (even after 20 years) surprisingly fresh and compelling. This compilation features 17 tracks including, 'Xoyo', 'Carnal', 'Horseplay', 'Devils & Angels' and 'Sharp Tongue'.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Joy Division, Fat Gadget, Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Modern Eon


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