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An Emotional Fish - Sloper

An Emotional Fish - Sloper
Model: CD
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CD: 118152
LABEL: Blue Music

01. Time Is On The Wall
02. Summertime
03. Aeroplanes
04. Clowns
05. Other Planet Girl
06. Happy Families
07. Mistake Factory
08. Disco Vera
09. Superman
10. Dirt
11. Leoncavallo
12. Air
13. It Belongs to the World

Since they came from Dublin, were righteously political and their first two singles were on U2's Mother record label, An Emotional Fish is frequently written off as a blatant U2 imitator, and there is no denying that they owe a large debt to those Irish superstars. While their music has the same droning guitar of U2, there are more Celtic touches than U2 at a similar stage, along with straighter pop hooks. Unfortunately, they were involved in a nasty scandal in the U.K. involving Radio 1. After that, their debut album was massacred by the critics and the band essentially vanished, releasing records like 1993's Junk Puppets and 1996's Sloper to little notice. It must be said that this album has some great songs to enjoy, such as the classic "Mistake Factory". Whelan's vocal style often walks a tightrope so dangerously close to Lou Reed and/or Lloyd Cole that you almost find yourself checking for the safety net, as on the slight â??Air', for example, but his new-found conviction generally compensates and in no time the songs have become as familiar as the members of your own family. It's not always sensible, or fair, to link song lyrics to real life, but the pleading, apologetic and confessional â??Superman', whose protagonist desperately wants to be more than he feels he is perceived to be, could be the motto for the entire album. Fantastic stuff...


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