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Astral - Sleepwalker

Astral - Sleepwalker

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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LABEL: Vibraphone

01. Cracked
02. Waterfall
03. Transmitter
04. Hindsight
05. A Lullaby From Amsterdam
06. Ways & Means
07. In Circles
08. Winters In May
09. White Tigers
10. Sleepwalker

"Sleepwalker" is Astral's 6th release and is the long awaited second full length album from the band featuring 10 brand new songs. Their debutalbum â??Orchidsâ? charted CMJ 200 in 2004, as well as numerous top 10 radio station charts such as KEXP, KYMC, KFJC, among many others. â??Sleepwalkerâ? chronicles the next evolutionary stage of the band's distinguished sound, formerly quoted from reviewers as â??shoegaze with a post-punk edgeâ? or â??My Bloody Valentine meets the Cureâ??. The album is dynamic with polyrhythmic, acoustic songs such as â??Hindsightâ?, ethereal, psychedelic melodies driven by analog beats as in â??A Lullaby from Amsterdamâ?, and has driven, angular punchy songs such as â??Crackedâ?. The undertone of the album is romantically dark with an occasional excursion into the melancholy. With this new release, unlike so many recordings today, Astral maintains their tradition in sonic integrity by recording solely with 8-track analog tape and therefore no digital editing was used. Had this come out on 4 AD in the 80's, no one would have batted a kohl-thickened eyelid. The sound is dense, driven, brooding yet soaring, lush yet lo-fi, not unlike old Cure, with vocal nods to Robert Smith's less affected offerings. Vocals are often buried in the thick curtain of echoey strummed guitar (sometimes jangling, sometimes fuzzed). Skeletons and murky colors adorn the booklet cover, with psychedelic, blue and green monotone oil-on-water slide projection band photos inside. The album is much like Orchids, a little smoother and less noisy in sound, not quite as compelling (there is nothing here as raucous as "Turn Me Around" nor as haunting as "Last Light "), but perhaps a little more dimensional in stylistic terms.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Slowdive, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, The Search, Cocteau Twins


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