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Aztec Camera - Frestonia

Aztec Camera - Frestonia

Model: CD
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CD: WE833
LABEL: Warner

01. Rainy Season
02. Sun
03. Crazy
04. On The Avenue
05. Imperfectly
06. Debutante
07. Beautiful Girl
08. Phenomenal World
09. Method Of Love
10. Sunset

No one in history has ruminated over the anguish of a broken heart with quite the same euphoric flair as Roddy Frame. For over a decade the Scottish songwriter has lead Aztec Camera through a procession of stellar pop confections that delve headfirst into the world of unrequited love with a wide-smile and feelgood vibes. Everything from the extraordinary acoustic tattering of "Oblivious" on up to the high-gloss guitar attack of "Somewhere In My Heart" through to 1993's flamenco-flavored "Spanish Horses," shares not only a disparaging undercurrent of sadness, but a fantastically vivid joie de vivre, making for an interesting schizophrenic effect in most of the group's work. Judging by his latest endeavor, Frestonia, Frame has yet to find even a trace of solace in his campaign. The new album is a meticulously crafted work of wonder that soars with tender grooves, excellent delicate jangly guitar and piano romps and that heartmelting voice, barely changing the pace of Aztec Camera's musical bent, but exhibiting a tangible sense of reconciliation. The songs veer from the innocuous ivory-accented "On The Avenue" to the heartbreaking balladry of "Sunset" to the monumentally stylish "Beautiful Girl." Frame has probably already exhausted a few of the melodies here before, but with such brash emotional gymnastics this album is hard to resist.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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