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Blue Dog Yawning - Kettle Of Fish

Blue Dog Yawning - Kettle Of Fish

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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LABEL: Blue Dog

01. Touch
02. Not On You
03. A In C
04. Crumbs Are Not Cake
05. Butterflies
06. Butter Side Up
07. See
08. Taste
09. Helicopter

It doesn't half sneak up on you, Blue Dog Yawning's debut mini-album. The track 'Not On You' wanders in as if any time at all would do but within a minute or so has turned into an all frontier-crossing twangs, and it sets a marvellous template for the unexplosively beautiful half-hour that follows. There's a gently rustic Blue-Nile-ish quality to 'A in C' that eases its mild anger, a woozy wonder surrounding a smartly theremin-augmented 'Butter Side Up', and the Del Amitri-ish twinkly-folk-pop song 'Butterflies'; it all adds up to a pretty distinctive panorama. 'Taste' is a lovely song, plaintive vocals over a soft beautiful riff and a dwelling accordeon. All in all an acceptable purchase for fans of the Blue Nile, Del Amitri, Sjako!, Adrian Borland, etc, especially in view of its cheap price. Perhaps a little too personal for enormous public consumption, but 'Kettle Of Fish' can easily delight in those more intimate moments. Quietly magic stuff indeed.


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