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Blue Orchids - A Darker Bloom [best of]

Blue Orchids - A Darker Bloom [best of]

Model: CD
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LABEL: Cherry Red

01. Disney Boys
02. The Flood
03. Work
04. The House That Faded Out
05. Sun Connection
06. Wait
07. Dumb Magician
08. Low Profile
09. No Looking Back
10. Bad Education
11. A Year With No Head
12. Tighten My Belt
13. Agents Of Change
14. Conscience
15. Release
16. The Long Night Out
17. Sleepy Town
18. Diamond Age
19. Out Of Sight

With the recent explosion of interest in all things Factory Records/Manchester post-punk, man bands are being resurrected from the dustbin. Some of these bands are great, some of them aren't, but all of them have that whole "underground mass media" buzzwords plastered all over them, and bands like Interpol have created a career on resurrecting and regurgitating these sounds. The Blue Orchids were a band that, while not Factory-made, were certainly of that currently-hip era. Martin Bramah put together Blue Orchids in 1980 with keyboardist Una Baines. Their first single, "Disney Boys" c/w "The Flood" was, is, and evermore shall be a stunner. "Disney Boys," with a crushing yet hypnotic synth beat and Bramah's mushy yet hyperactive, amphetamine-driven singing, indeed sounded like nothing going on at the time. By their second single, "Work" (the weirdest-sounding anthem you'll hear) c/w "The House That Faded Out," Blue Orchids had turned into an even more interesting band, with dark atmospheres that mix with all the odd elements previously mentioned, creating a sound that really, truly, is unclassifiable. A Darker Bloom is, for the most part, a singles compilation, though it also contains all but two of the songs from their LP, The Greatest Hit. This fits in well with LTM's current reissue program - From Severe to Serene -, an odds and sods collection of live track and Peel Sessions, as well as their long-lost 1991 album, The Sleeper. A Darker Bloom certainly makes a case for a revision of Blue Orchids' past, and with this renewed interest, who knows what the future might bring?

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