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Blue Orchids - From Severe To Serene

Blue Orchids - From Severe To Serene

Merk: LTM
Model: CD
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CD: LTMCD 2340

01. Work
02. The House That Faded
03. Low Profile
04. No Looking Back
05. Bad Education
06. A Year With No Head
07. Sun Connection
08. The Unknown
09. Crystall Bliss
10. Let Go
11. Riding The Times
12. Tighten My Belt
13. The Flood
14. Sun Connection
15. Hanging Man
16. Disneys Boys
17. Work
18. Undergound Breakfast

"From Severe To Serene" gathers together The Blue Orchids landmark John Peel sessions from 1980 and 1982, plus an additional clutch of live and studio rarities which are more than deserving of the digital remastering treatment in their own right. The songs are consistently dreamlike and resonant, sung with a wistful, languid intensity by Martin Bramah, whose dour vocal inflections occasionally echo his one-time boss Mark Smith. Other influences are more apparent. The fragile sweetness of the Velvet Underground pervades throughout, and that old Doors tag is not inappropriate. Listen to 'A Year With No Head' for unaduiterated Manzarek-Kriegerisms. Musically the Blue Orchids' 'Bad Education' strongly resembles the Bunnymen's 'A Promise'. But whereas 'A Promise' is a vivid, highly-charged epic, reaching a climax of release and fulfilment, 'Bad Education' is tentative and personal, striving in vain for resolution but achieving the delicacy of a watercolour - understated but more haunting than the Bunnymen's full-blown spectacular. This digitally remastered set runs for 71 minutes, and the booklet includes detailed sleevenotes.


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