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Blue Orchids - The Sleeper

Blue Orchids - The Sleeper

Merk: LTM
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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CD: LTMCD 2340

01. Weird World
02. Dream Boat
03. Lover Of Nothing
04. Blue Grey Boy
05. Diamond Age
06. Butterfly Effect
07. NY Gargoyles
08. The Gun Is A Coward's Weapon
09. Dark Matter Kid
10. Love Fiend
11. Out Of Sight
12. NY Gargoyles - (Secret City Mix)
13. NY Gargoyles - (Subway Mix)
14. Moth
15. Sleepy Town
16. Thirst
17. Diamond Age - (12" Version)
18. Sleepy Town - (12" Version)

Finally released ten years after its original production, in some ways it's easy to see why it wasn't taken on by record companies. The use of Teardrop Explodes' style psych guitar touches and general post punk sound was perhaps a little out of time in the midst of 1992. Recorded in London over several months in 1993, The Sleeper confirms Martin Bramah as a major (yet sorely underrated) talent. In addition to surging pop numbers such as "Lover of Nothing", "Diamond Age", "Dream Boat" and "Butterfly Effect", the set also encompasses the soft "Blue Grey Boy", the sinister "Weird World" and the intimate ballad "Out of Sight", one of Martin's best-realised arrangements to date. In addition to the entire lost album, this CD includes tracks from the Sleepy Town, Diamond Age and Secret City singles. True, the Blue Orchids suffered more than their fair share of bad luck (having perhaps created a measure of it), and laboured too long in the shadow of mentors such as Nico and Mark Smith, but here is a band that followed its lights and muse, and made the world a more colourful place. The digitally mastered set runs for a full 70 minutes, and the booklet includes extensive sleevenotes. For people who like bands like: The Doors, The Stranglers, The House Of Love & Shriekback.


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