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New Order - 316 Live [DVD]

New Order - 316 Live [DVD]
Model: DVD
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DVD: 8573848022
REGION: 2/3/4/5/6
LABEL: Warner

Pt.1 - Live: New York 18-11-1981
01. ICB
02. Dreams Never End
03. Everything's Gone Green
04. Truth
05. Senses
06. Procession
07. Ceremony
08. Denial
09. Temptation

Pt.2 - Live: Reading Festival 30-8-1998
01. Regret
02. Touched By The Hand Of God
03. Isolation
04. Atmosphere
05. Heart and Soul
06. Paradise
07. Bizarre Love Triangle
08. True Faith
09. Temptation
10. Blue Monday
11. World In Motion

This is a compilation DVD of the 'Taras Shevchenko' live video from November 1981(!) and their Reading Festival performance in August 1998. New Order fans will remember the 'Taras Shevchenko' video from the early 80s so to have it back again on DVD is just fantastic. The band doesn't speak to the audience (or each other) throughout and is in full serious, intense artist mode. Two members hide up the back (with good reason judging by Gillian's Siouxsie Sioux hair-do) whilst Hooky and Barney ham it up down front. The songs are simply incredible - New Order just don't play these songs like this anymore - very faithful to the recorded versions and so seriously. Those were the days...people stood still at gigs, the band didn't move and usually one of the guitarists simply ignored the audience.

Contrast this with the Reading Festival footage from 17 years later where they're hailed as heros by a much larger crowd.The Joy Division songs (Isolation, Atmosphere and Heart & Soul) actually suffer a little in that Bernard has over the years found his own voice and doesn't try to sing like Ian Curtis anymore, hence robbing the songs of their funereal glory, but it's still great to see them performed again. The crowd lap up the rest of the set and unsurprisingly go bonkers at the end for World In Motion.


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