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Breathless - Heartburst

Breathless - Heartburst

Merk: Tenor Vossa
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 9,50 (EUR)
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01. Don't Just Disappear (Radio Edit)
02. You Can Call It Yours
03. I Never Know Where You Are
04. All That Matters Now
05. Always
06. Over And Over
07. Waiting On The Wire
08. Wave After Wave
09. Ageless
10. Pride
11. All My Eye And Betty Martin
12. Touchstone
13. Don't Just Disappear

Breathless have consistenly put out it's own brand of awe inspiring dark psychedlic tinged music since 1985. Singer Dominic Appleton's passionate and romantic vocal style is well known from his contributions to This Mortal Coil's "Filigree and Shadow" and "Blood" albums, though in Breathless he often plays a more intense role, leading the way through the glowing landscapes of rapturous fury that grow from warm rich atmospheres. Because of their use of slow-building atmosperhics obvious comparisons can be made with Talk Talk (in their post-pop phase) and Bark Psychosis. Appleton doesn't say that much but when he does his lisping voice combines well with the quieter moments of subtle keyboard accompaniment and cymbal hits whilst the louder tracks rely on guitars. An understated triumph.


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