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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Catherine Wheel - Ferment

Catherine Wheel - Ferment

Model: CD
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CD: 512510-2
LABEL: Fontana

01. Texture
02. I Want to Touch You
03. Black Metallic
04. Indigo Is Blue
05. She's My Friend
06. Shallow
07. Ferment
08. Flower to Hide
09. Tumbledown
10. Bill and Ben
11. Salt
12. Balloon

Catherine Wheel first bowed onto the U.K. music scene in 1992 with "Black Metallic," a haunting single from their debut, Ferment. These shoegazers introduced a raucous sound so real that their maddening lyrics and lustful connotations were dramatic, in the sense that they were searching for spiritual place. The band's big sound is dreamy yet explosive at the same time, which is a uniquely impressive combination; the album begins with massive guitars before cymbal-heavy drums crash in on a song that's all about "Texture". "I Want To Touch You" and "She's My Friend" both present singable choruses. Ferment tugs a fairly obvious forelock to the melodic, mid-paced, wall-to-wall guitar textures of The House Of Love and Ride, but Talk Talk producer Tim Friese-Greene has given them the cleanest sound yet heard from any post-My Bloody Valentines band. Even the white noise wig-out on Black Metallic sounds lush in its intensity. Best of all is "Indigo Is Blue" which settles into a gorgeously flowing melody; the pause before the guitar solo takes the song to another level demonstrates the band's acute sense of drama. "Flower To Hide" delivers another languid but lovely melody, plus a more varied vocal that's most welcome, while "Salt" effectively puts away the effects pedals yet still retains a dreamy ambiance.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The House Of Love, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Kitchens Of Distinction


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