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Clan Of Xymox - Clan Of Xymox [bonustracks]

Clan Of Xymox - Clan Of Xymox [bonustracks]

Model: CD
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01. A Day
02. No Words
03. Stumble And Fall
04. Cry In The Wind
05. Stranger
06. Equal Ways
07. 7th Time
08. No Human Can Drown
09. A Day (Re-Mix)
10. Stranger (Re-Mix)

Second album by Clan Of Xymox, who hail from Amsterdam and seem to embrace several major influences. What really is so attractive about Xymox is the kind of atmospheric ability to paint landscapes and mental pictures and just as you feel safe with these suggested images the rhythm will break or alter and you're lost. Xymox sound as good as we all pretend those love vigilantes New Order do, because we need to believe in something that is truly, evocatively special. The range and depth of this mysterious record do not exclude arrogant electro dance anthems like 'Stranger' and 'A Day' ; nor do Xymox avoid sentimentality as on 'No Human Can Drown' But when they provoke melancholy without trying, Xymox are magnificent. The Machiavellian pop of 'No Words'is the obvious doorway but wade blindly, too, into the searing guitar-splayed firefields of 'Cry In The Wind' and 'Stumble and Fall',and thrill(!) to the system clearing, bass bloodied '7th Time'. Xymox are inspired reflectors; this is definitely a brilliant record.

Influences / Similar Artists:
New Order, The Cure, Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, The Essence


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