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Clan Of Xymox - Creatures

Clan Of Xymox - Creatures

Model: CD
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LABEL: Pandamonium

01. Jasmine and Rose
02. Crucified
03. Taste of Medicine
04. Undermined
05. Consolation
06. Waterfront
07. Creature
08. All I Have
09. Falling Down
10. Without a Name
11. Doubts

Xymox â?? once again known as the Clan of Xymox â?? continue their late-'90s recording comeback with Creatures, an album of gloomy, goth-tinged electronics flavored with guitars and dance beats. Not as good as "Hidden Faces", their previous CD, CREATURES reveals a gloomy deep-voiced side of Ronny Moorings that even long time fans will have a hard time recognizing. They dabble in Sisters of Mercy-like territory JASMINE AND ROSE and UNDERMINED, the latter integrating the traditional Xymox sound to make it a truly superior song. In other pieces, like TASTE OF MEDICINE, they drift into Peter Murphy-esque landscapes. With WATERFRONT, they successfully experiment with a slightly harder, more industrial sound than they've tampered with in the past. Although CREATURES is reminiscent of other artists in places, it maintains that deep irony everywhere that only Clan of Xymox can achieve.


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