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Clan Of Xymox - Hidden Faces

Clan Of Xymox - Hidden Faces

Model: CD
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01.Out Of The Rain
02.This World
03.Going Round '97
04.The Child In Me
05.Wailing Wall
06.It's All A Lie
07.Sing A Song
09.Special Friends
10.Piano Piece
11.Your Vice
13.The Story Ends

Here's the good news of 1997, Clan of Xymox are BACK... After a few years with a shorter name (Xymox) and indie label obscurity, one of the original goth bands have returned in time. Clan of Xymox have been around since 1982 and were originally on 4AD at the height of their goth period. 'Out Of The Rain' opens the album with a hint of strings and trashing guitars. "Troubled Soul' ticks along with a killer drumbeat and killer melody. The songs often have a strong beat, and also often feature percolating sequencer patterns, but the album never falls into the trap of one dimensional synth-music. 'This World' may lift percussion patterns from 'Depeche Mode' but Moorings overlays that with vivid and warm colors. Real Life's drum machines may be able to kick anyone else's butts, but Xymox's will certainly leave you sore the next morning. At times the album recalls Sister of Mercy or even Bel Canto, but Xymox have a sound all their own, and they use it to great effect here. The polished vocals and full production sound is first class all the way. The fact that Moorings backs it up with great songs with intelligent lyrics makes it all the better. Thank God there are still people out there who understand that being electronic doesn't mean you have to be electronica. - Highly recommended.


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