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Clan Of Xymox - Notes From The Underground

Clan Of Xymox - Notes From The Underground

Model: CD
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CD: PAN-17
LABEL: Pandamonium

01. Innocent
02. I Want You Now
03. Internal Darkness
04. At Your Mercy
05. Anguish
06. Number One
07. Into Her Web
08. The Bitter Sweet
09. Liberty
10. Something Wrong
11. Mysterium
12. The Same Dream

Once again Xymox prove they can keep the underground 80's Goth club scene alive and well. Notes From the Underground is an introspective, self-reflection album. The songs are a bit more ambivalent and it sounds as though Xymox is doing some soul searching on this album. It is more melancholy and sentimental and an invocation of the vintage Medusa days, seeking a new direction without deviating from the successful trademarked formula it has embraced for nearly three decades and by the end of the album it asks the listener; "We've been doing this for so long, where do we go from here?" The answer lies in what Xymox does with its next album. Does it continue to emulate itself and continue cranking out more traditional 80's style Goth into the techno-pop infested 21st century, or do they decide to reinvent themselves which has either proven chemically successful or resoundingly disastrous for so many a band. Welcome back the dark and melancholy music that drew so many of us in the beginning with albums like Subsequent Pleasures and Medusa.


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