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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Cocteau Twins - Garlands [2003 reissue]

Cocteau Twins - Garlands [2003 reissue]

Model: CD
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01. Blood Bitch
02. Wax And Wane
03. But I'm Not
04. Blind Dumb Deaf
05. Shallow Then Halo
06. The Hollow Men
07. Garlands
08. Grail Overfloweth

2003 remastered reissue of the Cocteau Twins debut album "Garlands". When the Cocteau Twins got started, they probably weren't anyone's bet to achieve lasting indie recognition, let alone a hit just two albums later on the 4AD label. Will Heggie plays gloomy, gothic sounding bass lines a la Joy Division, and Robin Guthrie, a guitarist with a love for cascading, feedback drenched riffs. In front was Liz Fraser, an awkward, barely on key vocalist with a habit of singing unintelligible lyrics in falsetto and giving strange tremulous wails at the end of each line. All this to a series of primitive drum machine rhythms completed the band's ultra-repetitive brand of goth-rock. For the most part, it almost isn't possible to describe the individual tracks as they all meet the criteria above. Every song is played and sung around a dance beat grindingly repeated by the afore mentioned drum machine. Sometimes the band vamps over a single chord or riff before the actual song begins as in "Blood Bitch". Sometimes there is a little mid-song jam with tons of feedback and the odd sound effect as in "The Hollow Men". Liz even repeats the central line of a few songs ("Wax and Wane", "Garlands") in sing-song. This last device actually adds a hypnotic quality and makes these tracks stand out above the pack even if the mood never changes.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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