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Cocteau Twins - Treasure [2003 reissue]

Cocteau Twins - Treasure [2003 reissue]

Model: CD
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01. Ivo
02. Lorelei
03. Beatrix
04. Persephone
05. Pandora (for Cindy)
06. Amelia
07. Aloysius
08. Cicely
09. Otterley
10. Donimo

2003 remastered reissue of the Cocteau Twins third album "Treasure". The last goodbye to the "rocking" Cocteau Twins once and for all. No more gritty distortion, no more dissonant vocal acrobatics, and those mood pieces have bit the dust. Instead of dense heat, the arrangements have gone airy, smooth, and optimistic. Simon Raymonde's finally solidified his role as bassist, adding to the overall impression of tight musicianship, and helping Robin's echo drenched production reach new heights. In other words, it's all dream pop from here on, albeit with a knack for rewiring other genres toward its own ends. Regardless, the critics loved it and probably went through a few thesauruses attempting to describe what they heard. First of all, the songs really do flow together as a suit, even though the mock-concept album song titles were a crock intended to annoy journalists. Secondly, the high points are absolutely stellar: "Ivo", "Lorelei", "Aloysius", and "Donimo" reach balance of song craft and atmosphere that foreshadows just how powerful the Cocteau Twins music was to become. All resonate tremendously, sounding ominous, sexy, and joyous, while delivering Cocteau Twins' finest melodies up to this point. "Pandora" is super-smooth jazzy stuff that uses its cymbal rhythm and lyrics to play with your ears, "Amelia"'s wailing vocals tremble with grief, and "Beatrix" has lots of cool synth-harpsichord underlying its odd, Victorian-funeral-dirge tone. The influence this had is probably responsible for its reputation as THE Cocteau Twins classic, and considering how experimental this was for 1984, that's easy to understand.

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