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Confuse The Cat - Kericky

Confuse The Cat - Kericky

Model: CD
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01. Koi
02. Get The Bullets
03. Paul's Eyes
04. CU On The Money
05. Ionic Deep
06. Jackal At 10 'O Clock
07. Yeah Yeah
08. Snaky Eyes
09. Planet Kroton
10. Black Birds

It started all out with a band called Kosjer D, then they changed the bandname, along with some members, to Reiziger, a great emo-core band. Not emo in a bad way, but before emo turned into a trend. After Reiziger incarnated into Confuse The Cat (named after a Monty Python-sketch), the band turned their focus more to the post-punk/indie side. Their first album Kiss Kiss Kissinger still being bedroom pop, their second album pushed the band towards a more optimistic big-city-sound with impressive drums and old-fashioned electronics. In their own country as well as abroad, the band succeeded in attracting attention with their energetic live reputation. Now, anno 2008, the band is ticking on the window of the better alternative scene with a sturdy ?Aufmachen?. The band has returned with their new album "Kericky". And the sirens are shrieking. The band, injected with fresh members, still avails itself of sharp-edged beats and cleaving guitars. The band's sound owes its reputation to Thielemans? melting guitar echo?s, Neyens? metronome-steady grooves, Hoskens? deep propelling bass and most of all the intense ripping-everything-apart voice of front man Plessers. Due to an armoury of dub-sounds, Wobble-bass lines, firm slam-riffs and Luna Park-guitar effects, this pack doesn?t allow itself to be labelled easily on this new album. This is very honest and dancable emotional indie/rock/punk stuff. Confuse The Cat is back from never been gone.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Gang of Four, The Search, The Chameleons, Editors, Interpol


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