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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Cut City - Exit Decades

Cut City - Exit Decades

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CD: GSL115
LABEL: Gold Labs

01. Like Ashes Like Millions
02. Manoeuvers
03. Numb Boys
04. Anticipation
05. Damaged
06. Such Verve
07. Rival Trial
08. Just Pornography (For M.E.)
09. The Dull Miles (Exit Decades)

Sweden's CUT CITY's debut full-length album - a concise, 9-song decree from a trio of musicians experienced in mining the territory between influences of yesteryear and the momentum of the present. A mix of older bands like Joy Division, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Sound and newer bands cut from the same cloth like Interpol, Editors and Franz Ferdinand. The album opener, "Like Ashes, Like Millions" sounds as though it would fit right into Closer without any notice. Even with so many bands working in the same area, CUT CITY manages to impress with their taught-yet-grand songs that make excellent use of danceable rhythms, delay-pedal guitar-scapes, and Max J. Hansson's vocals that posses a bit of the same stark spookiness that Ian Curtis had, yet still retain a certain uniqueness. A thorough understanding of Factory, Fiction and Rough Trade output circa 1980 is obvious, coupled with a sharp, engaging sense of irony, and the great vocals of Max Hansson. In all, CUT CITY deliver a timeless, instantly-memorable collection of postpunk classics for a new generation.

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