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Died Pretty - Everydaydream

Died Pretty - Everydaydream

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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LABEL: Citadel

01. Misunderstood
02. Brighter Ideas
03. Special Way
04. Burning Mad
05. That Look Before
06. Here Comes The Night
07. Call Me Sir
08. Dream Alone
09. Watch Out Below
10. The Evening Shadows

With the release of Everydaydream, Died Pretty continue down the path that led to their last album, Using My Gills As A Roadmap. With Wayne Connolly again at the helm, Everydaydream combines the experimentalism and new technology of Gills with the band's renowned classic pop sensibilities circa Lost and Doughboy Hollow. The drama and mystery of Ron Peno are in full flight as he delivers some of the finest vocals of his career, backed by a fluid assortment of psychedelic pop blips, beats and indulgences. Kicking off with the timeless Died Pretty pop of Misunderstood, we move through an assortment of shimmering modern gems. On Burning Mad, some delicious harmonies and 70's garage rock sensibilities see the Modern Dance driven by the spiky bass of Robert Warren and the faultless rhythm of Simon Cox. Dream Alone layers a seamless, ethereal Peno over of a shiny-four-to-the-floor exercise in relentlessness. A neo-Factory excursion through some sprinted melancholia, The Evening Shadows sports serious Peno musings on 'the big picture' and finishes the record in style.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Church, The Triffids, Hoodoo Gurus, The Saints


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