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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Dykehouse - Midrange

Dykehouse - Midrange

Model: CD
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CD: GI-33
LABEL: Ghostly

01. From The Cradle
02. Signal Crossing
03. Burden Of Proof
04. Drown Inside Of Me
05. Sandy Strip
06. When You Come
07. Chain Smoking
08. Unholy Fire
09. Lost Holiday
10. Garden
11. Western Lands
12. Make This
13. One More Day
14. To The Grave

In the early to mid nineties, fuzzy guitars and pumping bass lines were de rigueur. Basing their sound on the sonic experimentations of My Bloody Valentine and, before that, Jesus & Mary Chain, Ride and the Cocteau Twins, a whole bunch of bands, most of them British, found themselves at the heart of a hype that would, for a few months, set Britain and, to a lesser extend the rest of the world on fire. Dykehouse's full-length debut Midrange is a brilliant pop/rock album filled with dense textures and instrumentations and is a homage to the shoegaze genre. Midrange at once looks back and forward, echoing high school record collections as well as a future filled with limitless peaks. Lead single â??Chain Smokingâ? is an indelibly catchy song with an aching heart that isn't afraid to reveal itself, managing to be both experimental and extremely radio-friendly. Elsewhere, buzzing bass and soaring guitars establish Dykehouse's ear for beauty and melody, while brief instrumental passages punctuate the flow of gorgeous pop with lush synthesizers. Midrange is pure dreampop - the kind historically perfected by the Pale Saints, the House of Love, and My Bloody Valentine. It's as if this record were buried in 1989, only to be rediscovered and released fifteen years after it should've been.. Dykehouse raises the ghosts of the Stone Roses with â??One More Dayâ? and â??Burden of Proofâ? while paying homage to the Jesus and Mary Chain with â??Drown Inside of Me.â? The band has no problem with keeping things simple when they need to be, but they also knows how to add texture when his recipe calls for it. On its face, Midrange nears perfection, and it is just so easy to get lost in the transcending nature of this record.

Influences / Similar Artists:
My Bloody Balentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Ride, Catherine Wheel, House Of Love


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