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Echo & The Bunnymen - Breaking The Back Of Love [live]

Echo & The Bunnymen - Breaking The Back Of Love [live]

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LABEL: Secret Rec

01. The Cutter
02. The Back of Love
03. The Killing Moon
04. Never Stop
05. Rescue
06. Lips Like Sugar
07. Stormy Weather
08. Nothing Lasts Forever
09. Scissors in the Sand
10. Bring on the Dancing Horses
11. Ocean Rain
12. A Show of Strength

Echo & the Bunnymen's dark, swirling fusion of gloomy post-punk and Doors-inspired psychedelia brought the group a basketful of British hits throughout the '80s. This live album is another celebration of their nearly 25 years together capturing the group's most brilliant moments. Touring in support of their 2005 SIBERIA album , Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant are spot-on throughout this 12-song set at Shepherds Bush Empire in London. It's an artifact documenting one of Britain's most influential and enduring rock outfits. The winding course of these live tracks demonstrates that no specific era of the band's history deserves precedence over another since their live sets weave a passage right through the three decades of their massive career. Lead singer McCulloch's signature swagger still captures the urgency and poetry of Jim Morrison while Sergeant, whose musicianship has improved vastly over the years, shines throughout the set. An essential collection for those who have witnessed the splendor of Echo live and a needed document of their great repertoire.

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