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Echo & The Bunnymen - Me I'm All Smiles [Live 2005]

Echo & The Bunnymen - Me I'm All Smiles [Live 2005]

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01. Going Up
02. With A Hip
03. Stormy Weather
04. A Show Of Strength
05. Bring On The Dancing Horses
06. The Disease
07. Scissors In The Sand
08. All That Jazz
09. The Back Of Love
10. The Killing Moon
11. In The Margins
12. Never Stop
13. Villiers Terrace
14. Of A Life
15. Rescue
16. The Cutter
17. Nothing Lasts Forever
18. Lips Like Sugar
19. Ocean Rain

Me, I'm All Smiles is a 19-track live retrospective from Ian McCulloch and chums recorded at London's Shepherds Bush Empire in November 1st 2005 including highlights from throughout their career from early classics like 'The Cutter' right through to tracks from the most recent album 'Siberia' by way of 1997's comeback single 'Nothing Ever Lasts Forever' and tracks from the classic 1984 album 'Ocean Rain' including 'The Killing Moon'. "Under blue moon I saw you/ So soon you'll take me/ Up in your arms, too late to beg you/ Or cancel it, though I know it must be/ The killing time/ Unwillingly mine..." Recognize those lines? No? How about if you picture the lyrics sung by a lip-pouting, trenchcoat-clad, cocksure Liverpool singer from a 1980's combo that enjoyed some success but were never as heralded as their contemporaries the Smiths and U2? Ah yes, Echo and the Bunnymen! If Morrissey and Bono can continue to shake their respective bon bons to the delight of newer and newer audiences, then certainly we can't begrudge the other romantic and heroic singers from the 1980s to attempt the same. The gig that was recorded for this CD was recorded on the support tour for their in 2005 released excellent new album, Siberia. This is the perfect opportunity to listen to an utterly legendary (live) band and sing along to, "I can see you've got the blues/ In your alligator shoes/ Me, I'm all smiles...I got my crocodiles."

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