I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
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I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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Echo & The Bunnymen - Songs To Learn & Sing

Echo & The Bunnymen - Songs To Learn & Sing
Model: CD
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CD: OMCD1154

01. Rescue
02. The Puppet.
03. Do It Clean
04. A Promise
05. The Back Of Love
06. The Cutter
07. Never Stop
08. The Killing Moon
09. Silver
10. Seven Seas
11. Bring On The Dancing Horses

Echo & The Bunnymen are responsible for a vibrant, varied body of work, one that married quirky, post-punk sensibility, expansive orchestration and acid-laced psychedelic poetry to create a thoroughly unique and influential sound. The lush, ringing guitar work of Will Sergeant and the rich baritone and vivid imagery of Ian McCulloch are a timeless, musically fertile blend. "Songs To Learn And Sing" culls together some of the group's most successful tracks (prior to the album's 1985 release date, anyway), and every single cut is a fresh, inventive creation. The band's jagged, more aggressive edge is caught on "Rescue," with its elliptical lyric and spacious guitars, and straightforward rockers like "Do It Clean" and "The Back Of Love." Among McCullough's expressive baritone and literate, though cryptic, lyrics, de Freitas' inspiring, distictive, tribal drumming, and Pattinson's memorable bass lines, the most unique ingredient of the Bunnymen's sound, Will Seargent, is fittingly the one who appears to shine the brightest in this environment. He shreds through every guitar sound/noise any unorthodox post-punk guitarist would dream of attempting over the next decade. From the haunting, ethereal "The Killing Moon"" to the epic sweep of "Silver (both were originally found on Ocean Rain, as was the powerful "Seven Seas," also featured here). The truly magical "Bring On The Dancing Horses", with its feather-light musical touch and pure poetry, rounds out this essential musical document.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Joy Division, New Order, The Sound, The Chameleons


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