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Ernst Langhout - The Eye Of The Cyclone

Ernst Langhout - The Eye Of The Cyclone

Model: CD
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CD: 997012-2

01. The Soul Remembers
02. Walk These Streets
03. Tears In The Snow
04. Memories Of The Ages
05. No Clean War
06. Sources
07. All The Colours
08. Goodbye Hello
09. Eye Of The Cyclone
10. Polly On The Shore
11. Vampire Eyes
12. Love Below The Surface

Ernst Langhout grew up in the quiet and vastness of the Frisian countryside. He never wanted to get used to the turmoil of the city and its modern-life neuroses he often deals with in his lyrics. After gaining experience in the folkgroup "Haggis", he started the critical acclaimed new-wave band "The Visitor" in 1980. For some years Ernst Langhout was the face and voice of this underground-wave band, that built a reputation and influenced other bands with its typical guitar walls. After three studio albums and a live record of their last concert the band split in 1987. Ernst Langhout returned to his roots with acoustic sets, mixing his own songs with those of e.g. Bob Dylan and folk traditionals. The psychedelic haze, heavy drums and electric guitars that came in the course of time however extreme or experimental, could never hide the rural roots of his singing. For more than a decade the Frisian troubadour has played the Dutch club-circuit and since the mid-eignties he travels Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Russia and the U.S.A., accompanied by other musicians and on his own. This resulted in several recording projects with Polish and Russian friends and colleagues. This is an excellent Urban Folk album with a modern touch and a haunting quality that keeps you coming back for more. Recommended to fans of The Waterboys, Immaculate Fools, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Mark Burgess (as on his Zima Junction album).


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