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Ester Drang - Rocinate

Ester Drang - Rocinate

Model: CD
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CD: 96972

01. Come Back Alive
02. Valencia's Dying Dream
03. Grave Mistake
04. Hooker With A Heart Of Gold
05. Great Expectations
06. Everyone Is A Victim
07. Smoke And Air
08. Caledonia
09. White Lies
10. Proustian Moments

Ester Drang, create music that is so surreal, textured, sincere and compelling, that it often sounds and feels like the soundtrack to a movie you haven't seen, or an interpretation of a book you haven't read. Like any great movie soundtrack, the feeling of euphoria engulfing Rocinate, is created by layers upon layers of gorgeous musical variation. â??Come Back Alive,â? aside from its haunting lyricism and echoed vocals, features a refreshing breeze of sweeping horns. â??Valencia's Dying Dreamâ? offers bittersweet rain drop piano alongside notes from a western slide guitar that yields a similar result to that of World Leader Pretend, in sounding both sincere, but completely bombastic as well. â??Caledonia,â? a song that bridges the musical gap between their elaborate first effort, Goldenwest, and their more structured second, Infinite Keys, is an almost entirely instrumental piece that features racing flutes, harsh electronic effects and rollicking drums. The strength of such tracks makes Rocinate their most appeasing and mature work to date.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Obi, Radiohead, Simmer, Unbelievable Truth, Saxon Shore


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