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Film School - Film School

Film School - Film School

Model: CD
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CD: LC00162
LABEL: Red Ink

01. Intro
02. On & On
03. Harmed
04. Pitfalls
05. Breet
06. He's A Deep Deep Lake
07. Garrison
08. 11:11
09. Sick Of The Shame
10. Like You Know
11. P.S.

This debut album from Film School is an album that is quite simply one to check out. The album brings together what is great about this type of music; it basically consists of having dark sensibilities yet still being able to deliver great song after great song without the need for suicidal thoughts. Film School's debut kicks off with am intro wielding only swirls of guitar and electronics before finally bringing you into an illuminating "On and On" that may force your urge to name this band after Interpol and Elefant and a little bit of The Bravery in there, too, but will not let you throughout this entire album. Their current single "Pitfalls" may cause them to swing on the vine of similarity since everyone is trying to bring back New Wave these days, but worse can happen for a band like this. The backward keyboard melody should more than make you tell the difference. Music as complex as this rarely breaks through to the mainstream, but happily the alternative scene's big enough now that plenty of people will enjoy this excellent album.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Stills, Interpol, Elefant, Longwave, The Editors


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