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Gene - Drawn To The Deep End

Gene - Drawn To The Deep End

Model: CD
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LABEL: Polydor

01. New Amusements
02. Fighting Fit
03. Where Are They Now?
04. Speak To Me Someone
05. We Could Be Kings
06. Why I Was Born
07. Long Sleeves For The Summer
08. Save Me, I'm Yours
09. Voice Of The Father
10. The Accidental
11. I Love You, What Are You?
12. Sub Rosa

On Gene's second disc, Drawn To The Deep End, they simultaneously break some of the comparisons to their British forefathers, The Smiths, while reinforcing others. From a musical standpoint, Deep End witnesses the band exploring areas which were off-limits on their previous release. "We Could Be Kings" opens with a U2-like guitar and returns to a traditional rock melody which could come from any of a number of talented groups - neither including or excluding the Smiths. "Fighting Fit" showcase the melodic side of Gene in a song about the sexual fit tearing Rossiter apart. "Voice Of The Father" rocks with the fury of a garage pop band, breaking down in the middle for a brief interlude before jolting the listener again with its bravado. Jack Hues helps out with some string and brass arrangements on the album, and the Hammond organ and mellotron are included on several tracks. The remainder of Drawn To The Deep End revolves around love, questioning the future and insecurity. Similarities to Marr and Morrissey notwithstanding, Gene have taken the first steps to firmly establishing their own independent identity.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Smiths, Morrissey, Pulp, Echobelly, Doves


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