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Gene Loves Jezebel - Voodoo Dollies [best of]

Gene Loves Jezebel - Voodoo Dollies [best of]

Model: CD
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LABEL: Beggars

01. Upstairs
02. Bruises
03. Influenza [Relapse]
04. Always a Flame
05. Cow
06. Stephen
07. Heartache
08. Desire (Come and Get It)
09. Sweetest Thing
10. Beyond Doubt
11. Georgeous
12. Motion of Love [Jezebel Mix]
13. Twenty Killer Hurts
14. Jealous
15. Kiss of Life
16. Josephina [Radio Edit]
17. Break the Chain
18. Who Wants to Go to Heaven?

Gene Loves Jezebel were formed in the early 1980s by twin brothers Jay and Michael Aston. Early on, they utilized the sort of tribal drum attack and processed guitar sound that was making goth superstars out of Siouxsie & The Banshees. Jezebel's murky use of synthesizers and howling vocals made for a vaguely sinister blend. By the mid '80s, songs like "Desire" and "Sweetest Thing" showed that they were more apt to write pop songs than dirges. With their multitude of silk scarves and long hair, they were able to walk the fine line between pop metal and pop goth without anyone spotting the difference. The House Of Dolls was probably their finest hour, with "Gorgeous" and "Suspicion" being great dark, romantic pop songs. The follow-up contained the hair-metal pop of "Jealous," and seemed to complete Jezebel's transformation to rock 'n' rollers. But the group continued to walk the line between sincere rockers and sincere gothic pin-ups for several years, long after the hits had faded away. Jay Aston left the band at the end of the '90s, leaving brother Michael to front the edition that still plays today. The highlight of these darkwave delights is "Beyond Doubt," which began life as an instrumental B-side. Stevenson's delicate guitar work imbues the haunting melody with ethereal lightness and paradoxically haunting depth. The yearning lead vocals add to the song's power, while the soaring falsetto backups send shivers down one's spine. In contrast were the brash pop/rock numbers like "Desire," "Heartache," and "Sweetest Thing." This was GLJ at it's best, as the band came together in a perfect wedding of all parties, sounds, and styles. Stadium guitar, Bauhausian experimentation, pop, and goth all combined to make a truly unforgettable album. Voodoo Dollies contains 18 tracks ranging chronologically from 1983's "Upstairs" to 1993's "Break the Chain" plus the "bonus track", 1999's "Who Wants To Go To Heaven" which makes it an adequate representation of Gene Loves Jezebel's career.

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