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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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House Of Love - Days Run Away

House Of Love - Days Run Away

Model: CD
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LABEL: Art & Industry

01. Love You Too Much
02. Gotta Be That Way
03. Maybe You Know
04. Kinda Love
05. Money And Time
06. Days Run Away
07. Already Gone
08. Wheels
09. Kit Carter
10. Anyday I Want

A brand new album by the House Of Love; Guy Chadwick is once again head of the house; Terry Bickers is back in lodgings after levitating elsewhere for a few years and is helping sweep out some cobwebs with his sonic broom; Pete Evans continues to drum up local support; and new boy Matt Jury helps out with the bass. However it's the reunion with the original House Of Love guitar maestro that will no doubt entice the thirty-something fans to Days Run Away. Will it be a return to the shoegazey pop classic House Of Love/Creation album or be more of the House Of Love/Fontana pop/rock? Rather unsurprisingly it's neither of these things. But both. The songs are familiar Chadwick territory â?? love; religious references; sixth form observations; lyrically clichéd and descending into doggerel. Musically, however, this version of House Of Love is as good as ever, conjuring up sublime moments of ascending rock with some longueur that puts the song into album track territory rather than into the killer single, which beats inside many of the songs on show here. Terry Bickers' guitar is in fine but restrained mode throughout, adding deft touches, atmospherics and chiming/soaring guitar which hark back to the early House Of Love; yet overall these are songs that could sit alongside later works. Personal faves are Money and Time with its chiming guitar and rising desperation and Days Run Away, with its chugging and strident guitar and bass runs, which is almost perfection. Nothing feels out of place. Which is to say that this album meets expectations â?? and this may be a disappointment for those wanting reinvention. It's nice to have the House of Love back on the market, and whilst Days Run Away is not a spectacular redevelopment it has much of the old features.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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