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Human Drama - Solemn Sun Setting

Human Drama - Solemn Sun Setting

Model: CD
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CD: 60014-2
LABEL: Hollows Hill

01. My Denial
02. The Ways And Wounds
03. A Single White Rose
04. Somewhere
05. Love's Way
06. To Love Her
07. A Simple Glance
08. The Truth About Gina
09. Lost
10. I Cannot Believe
11. Goodbye
12. The Great Pretender
13. March On
14. King Of Loneliness
15. Solemn Sun Setting
16. Who Are You?

Musically for nearly a decade, Human Drama has collectively pieced together a continually growing puzzle of the trials and tribulations one goes through in life. Once more, a title as passionate as it is clear, "Solemn Sun Setting" is like an open book waiting to be read. For the listener, it is important to take time to listen and you then realize those lyrics hold the key in understanding many things about ourselves and others. "Solemn Sun Setting", brings 16 wonderful tracks to choose from. R.S.R favorites include, "Who Are You", "My Denial", and "Goodbye". This album is impressively done to what many have come to expect from such great musicians.


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