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Human Drama - The World Inside

Human Drama - The World Inside
Model: CD
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CD: 51096-2
LABEL: Triple X

01. The World Inside I
02. The World Inside II
03. My Skin
04. Tears
05. Look into a Stranger's Eyes
06. This Tangled Web
07. Winters Life
08. Fascination and Fear
09. A Million Years
10. Color Me Red
11. Father Sing
12. The Sound of the Rain
13. Voices
14. Fading Away
15. Times Square

Dark melodic pop that evokes the Goddess of Wisdom; a truly beautiful album, perhaps Human Drama's Johnny Indovina's all-time masterpiece. Mixed by Harry Maslin, who co-produced Station to Station with Bowie. Johnny Indovina, songwriter and a guitarist for the band, I guess, hadn't really been interested in making this as popular as it could have possibly become, so knowing of them in the first place is virtue #1. Johnny has in his work what almost no other group has the courage to imbue in theirs, and that's wholesale, unrelenting honesty; and the musical talent to make that matter. In the album, you find your warm spot. where else do you hear such poetry? frankly, this is simply the best. sure, you might think every song has its lyrics, but this one contains metaphore of crucial factors and realities in the world man must live in. He explores a cornacopia of topics that can apply to many aspects of life: World Inside 2 can relate to tyrants such as Cuban dictator Castro. This Tangled Web is like a treatise on life in general. World Inside 1 is like an airplane, starting off at a simmer analysis of one's disconent, taking off into his power to change, all in three consecutive tiers. Color Me Red is like raining rose pedals. A Million Years is no ordinary love song--it's Johnny's, in his own way, and it's wonderful.


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