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Very fast delivery! Verry serious seller, hope to deal with again! 
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Interpol - Our Love To Admire

Interpol - Our Love To Admire

Model: CD
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CD: 96248-2
LABEL: Capitol

01. Pioneer To The Falls
02. No I In Threesome
03. The Scale
04. The Heinrich Manoeuver
05. Mammoth
06. Pace is the Trick
07. All Fired Up
08. Rest My Chemistry
09. Who Do You Know
10. Wrecking Ball
11. The Lighthouse

When Interpol emerged onto the global pop culture scene in mid-2002 with their striking debut "Turn on the Bright Lights", they kicked off a neo-new millennium/post-post-modern New Wave retrospective whereupon unwitting Modern Rock hipsters too young to remember were inadvertently introduced to the sounds of Joy Division, Television, The Chameleons, and a wee bit of the The Sound. The album was laced with sonic déja vu for those in the know, yet it still resonated with a certain amount of nouveaux flair. Two years later the group reconvened for the dreaded sophomore effort. The album was less ominous and seemed to be more focused on creating a new pop extremism, rather than build upon the past. Now the band comes with their third endeavor, the make or break release that will signal whether or not they were just a momentary flash in the pan or if they're the real deal. Our Love To Admire begins stoically enough with the shard like guitar drift of "Pioneer to the Falls". It brings the band back to much darker straits than exhibited on 'Antics', and even to a degree much darker than anything on 'Turn on the Bright Lights'. With 'Out Love to Admire' Interpol doesn't so much seem to be forging ahead as they appear to be enjoying a stopgap between their last two efforts. To say that their third effort retains the band's status quo isn't particularly fair, but it's also the best way to explain how the album unfolds, drawing close the bonds of their two previous albums while ever so faintly moving off into new directions. The songs that manage to hit you where it counts, both emotionally and physically, are wonderfully erratic and ecstatic. It's apparent that the band is beginning to set up barricades to the past and slowly heading toward new horizons.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Joy Division, The Chameleons, The Sound, Editors, Dragons


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