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Interpol - The Black EP

Interpol - The Black EP
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CD: 143124
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1. Say Hello To The Angels
2. NYC [Demo Version]
3. Obstacle 1 [Black Session]
4. Specialist [Black Session]
5. Leif Erikson [Black Session]
6. PDA [Black Session]

Black cover. Grim title. The "Black EP" is a European-released EP that contains some interesting finds for Interpol fans. The "Interpol EP" was originally issued in June, 2002 as a "preview' of their debut album "Turn on the Bright Lights". Even though 2 of the 3 tracks on the EP would wound up on the album, it nevertheless is an essential CD for any Interpol fan. Six tracks, the first, "Say Hello To The Angels", from their brilliant full length Turn On The Bright Lights, the second, NYC, a demo version from 2001. The other 4 are from the Black Session, live recordings for French Radio, of the tracks "Obstacle 1", "Specialist", "Leif Erickson", and "PDA". "PDA" is one of the best songs from the "Bright Lights" album. It comes with a hard-driven, yet mesmorising beat, and the last 2 min. "outro" is genius. "NYC" is the most inward looking song from the album, and the one that would give the album its title. "Specialist" is completely in line with the dark atmosphere of the album, and similar in energy to tracks like "PDA" and "Obstacle 1".

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