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New Order - Low-Life

New Order - Low-Life
Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
Prijs: € 7,95 (EUR)
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CD: 8573 81313-2
LABEL: London

1. Love Vigilantes
2. The Perfect Kiss
3. This Time of Night
4. Sunrise
5. Elegia
6. Sooner Than You Think
7. Subculture
8. Face Up

This seems to be the last album in which the suicide of their former Joy Division singer Ian Curtis is a priority in the lyrics. Perhaps they said all they needed to say to him and about him with this album and were finally able to go on their on way with each successive work. The leadoff song "Love Vigilantes" may very well be the finest kickoff album track of the 80's, a defiantly rock and roll song that almost seems out of place in New Order's quite impressive canon. Along the way you will be treated to such typical NO tracks as The Perfect Kiss and Subculture along with a stunningly beautiful instrumental "Eligia" and such amazingly perfect electronic-flavored masterpieces as Face Up and Sunrise. It's an album you can dance to and album you can listen to with the headphones on and the shades drawn and not be disappointed. If you only know New Order through Bizarre Love Triangle or True Faith, then this album will open your eyes to what else they can accomplish. If you don't know New Order at all, then you should buy this and get prepared to lay out big money for everything else they've ever recorded.


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