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Randy Lemasters (USA)
FAST! Fast shipping of a hard to find CD. Thank you! 
Randy Lemasters (USA)
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Longwave - Secrets Are Sinister

Longwave - Secrets Are Sinister

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: OS-09
LABEL: Polvora

01. Sirens in the Deep Sea
02. No Direction
03. Satellites
04. The Devil and the Liar
05. Life Is Wrong
06. Eyes Like Headlights
07. I Don?t Dare
08. It?s True Shining Hours
09. Shining Hours
10. Secrets Are Sinister

No denial, Longwave could never be accused of complacency. The group have gone through several lineup, label, and stylistic changes, all before releasing their fourth album and most recent effort, Secrets Are Sinister. With new producer Peter Katis (Interpol, The National), Longwave take their indie shoegaze/alternative sound and make everything ...bigger. Whereas the band previously changed the pace of their albums frequently, fluctuating both the tempo and the volume, they tightened the focus for "Secrets." The result is a solid rock record of arena-sized proportions. While the band add the occasional keyboard flourish or digital programming, the wall of guitars, thundering bass, and gunfire drumming do all the talking here. Longwave aim for "epic" every time and hit it often enough to make for an exciting listen. Openers "Sirens In The Deep Sea" and "No Direction" start things off on a good note, with Steve Schiltz and Shannon Fergeson's guitars swirling around Schiltz's strong, clear tenor while the rhythm section of Jason Molina (drums) and Morgan King (Bass) pound away. "Satellites" continues with more of the same before subsiding into a radio-friendly sing-a-long chorus. Occasionally the band take a stylistic detour, like on "Life Is Wrong," a noisy, dense track, or the more relaxed, effortless "The Devil And The Liar," but the ten songs generally sacrifice experimentation for consistency, which feels like the right choice here. Schiltz isn't exactly the world's most inventive lyricist, but he has a way of phrasing things in grand, gorgeous generalities that works just fine most of the time. Whether singing about looking for allies and satellites or finding "direction" in life, he sounds sincere, if a bit sappy. It's only on the slower "Shining Hours" when Schiltz's writing is left without an especially strong melody or guitar/bass line that the lyrics seem thin or forced. Fortunately, the closing number "Secrets Are Sinister" gets things back on track with beautiful vocals and more epic, sweeping guitar work. Longwave may not reinvented any wheels with Secrets Are Sinister, but the album provides enough great alternative rock anthems worth blasting in the car and wailing at the top of your lungs that it doesn't matter much.

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