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Mighty Lemon Drops - Rollercoaster - Best Of [1986-1989]

Mighty Lemon Drops - Rollercoaster - Best Of [1986-1989]

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LABEL: Cherry Red

01. Happy Head
02. Into The Heart Of Love
03. My Biggest Thrill
04. Inside Out
05. The Other Side Of You
06. Out Of Hand (extended version)
07. Like An Angel
08. Fall Down (Like The Rain)
09. Splash #3 (Now I'm Home)
10. Beautiful Shame
11. Rollercoaster
12. In Everything You Do
13. Uptight
14. Shine
15. (Where Do We Go From) Heaven
16. Count Me Out
17. Something Happens
18. Sympathise With Us
19. Now She's Gone

The Mighty Lemon Drops were one of the leading lights of the Independent Pop scene in the UK in the mid 80's. This 19 track 'Best Of' collection is the ultimate collection of the band that hail from Wolverhampton. The booklet features a complete discography incorporating all the original front cover sleeves and a written introduction by the band of each of the songs on the album and from where the tracks were sourced.A year after Echo & the Bunnymen released their final album of the â??80s, the Mighty Lemon Drops recorded World Without End, an LP that actually sounds closer to the Echo & the Bunnymen's earlier stabs at late â??60s psychedelia. Recalling Echo & the Bunnymen albums such as Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here, World Without End is almost like a missing piece in the Bunnymen's discography. This CD features all the bands best known tracks from their first single "Like An Angel", "Into The Heart Of Love", "Other Side Of You", "My Biggest Thrill", "Beautiful Shame", "Out Of Hand", "Inside Out" and "Fall Down". Other band favourites on the CD include "Happy Head", 13th Floor Elevators' classic "Splash #1" and the title track "Rollercoaster". This is probably the best collection available of the band.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Echo & The Bunnymen, Railway Children, The Serenes, The Doors


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