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New Model Army - All Of This (Live Rarities)

New Model Army - All Of This (Live Rarities)

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CD: 4996782

01. Vengeance
02. Young Gifted & Skint
03. A Liberal Education
04. No Rest
05. No Mans Land
06. My Country
07. All Of This
08. Waiting
09. 51st State
10. The Hunt
11. 125 Miles Per Hour
12. 225
13. Ambition
14. Betcha

From their beginnings on, New Model Army (named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver Cromwell) were respected for their working class-ethics and uncompromised views on politics which never bowed to anything. With the interesting mixture of melodic punk, frequent acoustic parts, occasional folk and the charismatic voice of fronter Justin Sullivan, they were able to gather a small but loyal followership, and especially their concerts are events which shouldn´t be missed. This is a collection of live B-sides and bonus tracks (including some that were used on the "bootlegged bootleg" 12 inchers given away with the early EMI singles) put together by EMI after they had a root around in the back of the cupboard. Nothing new here and "...& Nobody Else" remains the definitive live collection but this is a great sounding album thanks to the careful re-mastering that has been done.


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