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New Model Army - B-Sides & Abandoned Tracks

New Model Army - B-Sides & Abandoned Tracks

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CD: 8303742

01. Heroin 12" Mix
02. Adrenalin
03. Nosense
04. Trust
05. Brave New World 12" (Gregovich Mix)
06. RIP
07. Brave New World 2
08. Ten Commandments
09. Courage
10. Lights Go Out (US Remix)
11. Deadeye
12. Prison
13. Curse
14. Ghost Of Your Father
15. Modern Times
16. Drummy B
17. Marry The Sea
18. Sleepwalking

B-SIDES & ABANDONED TRACKS is an excellent album and because the tracks are so good you might wonder how they ever got abandoned in the first place. Fortunately the band realised that they were too good to waste and put them all together on this album. New Model Army is a rock band with influences of punk & folk music but it's very hard to give an accurate desciption of what their music is actually like. Like all great folk and protest music, the songs comment and provoke. They are raw and human, vulnerable and crusading. The band set themselves apart from the punk followers with their use of acoustic guitars. The songs here are great and they tend to have deep and meaningful type lyrics which makes for very interesting listening. If you like New Model Army you'll love this album - don't be put off by the title!


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