I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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New Model Army - Fuck Texas, Sing For Us [live 2008]

New Model Army - Fuck Texas, Sing For Us [live 2008]

Model: CD
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CD: ATK2314
LABEL: Attack Attack

01. Intro
02. Nothing Dies Easy
03. Island
04. Into The Wind
05. Breathing
06. Rivers
07. One Of The Chosen
08. Bloodsports
09. Lust For Power
10. No Mirror, No Shadow
11. High
12. Family
13. Vagabonds
14. Wired
15. Bad Old World
16. Masterrace
17. Poison Street

New Model Army just released their first live album in almost ten years. Following in the quality and style of 1999's double live '...& Nobody Else' the tracks on 'Fuck Texas, Sing For Us' were recorded at a number of shows throughout Europe and the USA during the HIGH tour of 2007/2008. The title, 'Fuck Texas, Sing For Us', is not a reflection of the band?s feelings towards Texans, or Americans in general. It is simply a quote of a chant that preceded their encore at a show in New Orleans. The track selection features a number of classic NMA anthems from the 80?s and 90?s ('Vagabonds', 'Poison Street', '225', 'Bad Old World') as well as many from the two most recent albums of the 00?s - 'Carnival' & 'High'. The band selected the best versions of the songs, and mixed and spun them together to form a seamless live concert. Mixed by Justin, Michael and Dean in the band's Bradford studio, the album has been mastered by Jon Astley, whose recent projects have included the re-remastering of The Who's back catalogue, and Joolz' new album Spirit Stories. Leaning heavily on material from HIGH, it also includes live recording of classics such as Poison Street, Family and 225 which have never been released on an official live album before. The version of Vagabondsis as re-worked by Marshall, substituting a Les Paul Custom for a violin. When a band has been going for nearly 30 years, and has maintained a substantial and loyal fan base throughout, without the support of mainstream media, there are few avenues more powerful than the live arena to spread word of you art. New Model Army have averaged more than 80 concerts a year in their long history. The tour in support of last year?s critically acclaimed tenth studio album 'High' - which started in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 8th 2007 - will reach show number 113 when it finishes in Köln, Germany in front of 4000 fans on December 20th 2008. This new collection of live recordings, the band?s third official live album after 'Raw Melody Men' (1991) and '.& Nobody Else' (1999), draws heavily on tracks from the new album and was recorded at various venues along the route of that tour.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Justin Sullivan, Pink Turns Blue, The Mission, The Sound


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