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New Model Army - High

New Model Army - High

Model: CD
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CD: ATK2312
LABEL: Attack

01. Wired
02. One Of The Chosen
03. High
04. No Mirror No Shadow
05. Dawn
06. All Consuming Fire
07. Sky In Your Eyes
08. Into The Wind
09. Nothing Dies Easy
10. Breathing
11. Rivers
12. Bloodsports

The follow-up to 2005's acclaimed Carnival, New Model Army's tenth studio album finds the band as dedicated to their art as they were when they formed twenty seven years ago. As ever, they pool a range of very British influences from punk to folk to create their own recognisable sound. The songs on High brood and swell beneath Justin Sullivan's vocals, creating maximum tension as he lays waste to all the world's ills. The expanded five-piece line-up gives the music far more depth, with newest recruit Marshall Gill's lead guitar lending a rich atmosphere across the album. After nearly thirty years together, it's impressive that New Model Army are making records at all, but to be making records that genuinely stand up to earlier releases as some of their best work is truly amazing. Uncompromising in both their sound andvision, the band have spent the past three decades buildingup a worldwide cult following, and this album bears all thehallmarks of Justin Sullivan's band at their very best.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure, The Mission, The Sound


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