I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
I LOVE Red Sun Records. Wishing you every success! 
Brett Holdaway (USA)
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New Model Army - Raw Melody Men [live]

New Model Army - Raw Melody Men [live]

Model: CD
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CD: CDFA3296

01. Whirlwind
02. Charge
03. Space
04. Purity
05. White Coats
06. Vagabonds
07. Get Me Out
08. Lib. Ed.
09. Better Than Them
10. Innocence
11. Love Songs
12. Lurhstaap
13. Archway Towers
14. Smalltown England
15. Green And Grey
16. World

The first official live recording of the band. Recorded on tour in Germany and England during the summer of 1990, 11 of the 16 songs are culled from the Impurity and Thunder and Consolation albums. Rather than being a comprehensive live history, this album is instead a snapshot of the band at what was to be the peak of their commercial success. Completists may be interested in combining this with the 2000 release And No One Else, as well as with the live tracks on the singles from this period. The intro to "Vagabonds" demonstrates the uplifting effect that violin player Ed Alleyne Johnson introduced to the New Model Army studio and stage sound. Standout moments include a blistering version of the anti-complacency anthem "Get Me Out," while "Lib. Ed," the truncated title of "A Liberal Education" from their debut album, is even more poignant and accusatory in communion with the band's legendary impassioned following. "Better Than Them," rendered here with just guitar and vocals from Justin Sullivan (aka Slade the Leveller), is compelling. Stark and haunting, a fine example of his universal folk songwriting. A band whose whole creed and vision was one of being aware, questioning, and conscious, are captured in this set. The album has excellent live sound quality, with the thundering, apocalyptic "The World" bringing the set to a fitting climax. This CD is powerful, atmospheric and a great recording of a wonderful tour.


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